Hello! We are Mind Noise which is all well and good but who exactly are we? The lovely lady is Savanna Phibbs and next to her is Ash Raymond James. Both of us are photographers, by the way, we love the thrill of capturing the moments that too often go unnoticed. Whatever we are shooting our aim is to always steal breath and how do we achieve this? We put our heart and soul into every shoot. We mostly shoot weddings, families as well as couples/engagements but we are willing to shoot just about anything so please contact us if you need something we haven't mentioned.  

Alongside photography, Ash is a writer and graphic designer whilst Sav finds more comfort with a paintbrush. We design everything including book covers, logos and posters and even offer interior book design. Again, it is impossible to list all we offer but if you have an idea whirling around in your brain, it is highly likely we can make it a reality. 


We are truly excited to work with you on whatever you require. We cannot wait to hear from you. Thank you and take care.


Ash & Sav